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Social responsibility

Business policies of Superfood Ltd.

In an era characterized by increasing awareness of the impact of nutrition on health, and, on the other hand, behavior of man on his environment, it is difficult to even think about business in this area, which is not focused on fixing the imbalance between the mentioned factors.

Company Superfood Ltd. sees itself as a constructive factor and active participant who strives not only to endure against competition, but also to fulfill its social responsibility towards its end users and customers, also its employees, business partners and manufacturers, and in global terms, the planet which we live on and nature which our products are made in.

Economic sustainability

At the root of every business is economic sustainability. In our company, it is reflected in the excellent quality of our products, professional relationship with clients and associates, and business whose goal is not only profit, but also growth as a result of excellence, high criteria and good business policy.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability is reflected in two ways, on the macro and micro level. On the one hand, the production of quality products with top characteristics that positively affect the health of consumers and people in general, and investment in production mainly in poor regions which have outstanding benefit from new jobs creation that increase their wellbeing.

On the other hand, Superfood Ltd. strives to create a safe, comfortable and happy business environment for its employees, as much as we are able to, and to treat them like a part of our family rather than just an employee.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is perhaps the most important goal for all companies in the food production and distribution. All our products are holders of international and national certificates attesting that they are produced within the highest standards of production, with special attention to environmental protection. All our products are non refined, non genetically modified (GMO-free), manufactured within the high standards of strictly controlled organic production without the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and contain no additives, preservatives or any other additional chemicals.

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