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Superfood Ltd. products in offer

Company Superfood Ltd. engages in the import and sale of healthy organic products that can be found in many health food stores, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes in Serbia. In accordance with our slogan "Pure Life", we strive to provide our customers with only the healthiest foods through expert selection we offer.

With the desire to provide only the healthiest food products to our customers, we offer organic coconut sugar and cane sugar, which are ideal healthy alternatives to white, conventional sugar. The organic sugar can be used as a natural sweetener for tea, coffee, preparation of cakes, ice cream, cakes, jam and other sweet treats.

All of our food products are produced through the process of strictly controlled organic production of the highest standard, without the use of fertilizers and herbicide-pesticide. Due to the fact that they are not genetically modified (non-GMO) and contain no additives, preservatives or any other artificial additives, our organic products have international certifications - "USDA" and the EU "SKAL", as well as domestic organic certification by the company "Organic Control System ", authorized by the Ministry of agriculture of Serbia and the European Union.

Organic products

Organic coconut sugar

The taste of coconut sugar is similar to brown sugar, except that it has a slight caramel taste. Excellent for the preparation of cakes and pastries as it withstands high temperature well and is thankful for heat treatment. Since it has a much lower glycemic index than white and brown sugar, it is acceptable for diabetics.

  • A natural product derived from the nectar of coconut flower
  • Used as a healthy substitute for white sugar
  • Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • Dissolves better than white sugar, does not change the taste of coffee, tea ...
  • Of organic origin, unrefined, contains no harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMO free
  • Famous Dr. Oz called coconut sugar "the best substitute for white sugar"

For more details visit dedicated organic coconut sugar page.

Organic cane sugar

Light color of organic cane sugar is similar to that of so-called turbinado or "raw sugar". This means that it's less processed compared to darker sweetening agents such as Muscovado and molasses. It is also less processed than brown sugar which is actually white sugar in which molasses is added later.

  • Natural product derived from sugar cane molasses
  • Used as a healthy substitute for white sugar
  • Absorbed easier by human body than white sugar
  • Of better quality than brown sugar which comes from sugar beets
  • Contains minerals like calcium, iron and potassium
  • Organic, unrefined, contains no harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMO free

For more details visit dedicated organic cane sugar page.