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Health benefits of cane sugar

Health benefits of cane sugar which we offer

Chemical composition of cane sugar is not much different than that of white sugar and as such it can serve as its ideal substitute. Although almost identical in composition, organic production of cane sugar means that it contains no harmful substances, traces of artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It also contains no additives, preservatives or any other artificial additions and does not come from genetically modified species (non-GMO).

Due to the fact that it is not refined, it is not treated with chemicals, such as sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, and calcium hydroxide. Not only that there are no traces of these substances, it also preserves natural molasses. In the process of refining, white sugar loses its molasses, and thus lose both taste and color and retains only the sweetness. Organic cane sugar has a specific taste and a color that is slightly brown, but it should not be confused with the commercial brown sugar, which is pure white refined sugar, with subsequently added molasses.

Note: The glycemic index of cane sugar as well as its composition were not officially tested in our country. Published information is collected from relevant sources that can be found in the text but you still need to receive it in a purely informative nature and can not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always get advice exclusively from qualified health workers.

Health benefits of cane sugar